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Unity in Community

There is nothing more Powerful
than the sense of Belonging

Civility is not about dousing strongly held views. It's about making sure that people are willing to respect other perspectives.

~Jim Leach

This page prompting a theme of "Unity in Community" was launched on January 3rd, 2021. The hope was to help set themes, ideas, and conversations about better days ahead.

After the historic events in the United States Capitol by a mob on January 6th 2021, it is clear there are serious wounds to be healed. Collectively we can do better, we need to do better, we must do better. The light shining from Lady Liberty is the responsibility of each of us, in our actions every day, to share the fundamental ideals of the United States of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. This takes effort in our actions for actively demonstrating the concepts of humanity, empathy, compassion, resilience.

In 2021, let's put "unity" back into "community"

Perhaps some themes to emphasize in 2021:





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