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ResLife Portal Free Edition - a free residential life, web based application which helps to connect residents with residential life staff for colleges

The Next Big Thing for

Residential Life

The Next Big Thing for

Residential Life

The Next Big Thing for Residential Life.



ResLife Portal – Free Edition

A free, ad-based version of the ResLife Portal, which helps to connect residents with residential life staff for colleges.

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8 Reasons Why You'll Love the Free Edition


Hosted in the Cloud

ResLife Portal is a web-based system that is hosted and delivered over the Internet to your institution. No hardware, software or dedicated IT personnel needed.


Save Time

Minimize time from approval processes and paperwork, allowing you to spend more time with your residents.


Programming: Proposals to Evaluations

Residential life staff can submit proposals for programs they are planning. Supervisors can review evaluations with the ability to approve or return for corrections. Staff can turn approved program proposals into a program evaluation.


Save money

Save money by focusing funds and effort towards better programs for your residents


Increase Quality

Increase quality by tracking the positive impact of your team, with data to show results.


Optimized for Mobile Devices

From the computer at your desk to your mobile device when on the go, take the ResLife Portal Free Edition with you – launch it in your web browser.


Contribute to the Greater Good

Your data will be anonymously aggregated to track and share residential life trends through our data research.


It's Free, Forever!

Seriously, the Free Edition is free, for as long as you want to use it... no credit card needed either. There will be a few lovely advertisements for your viewing pleasure. If you want some special perks though, it costs just a bit more.

Why is it Free?

ResLife Portal was initially built in 2007 based upon first-hand experience in residential life at a Division I university campus. Since 2007, the mission of ResLife Portal continues to be focused on assisting residential life staff at colleges and universities to dynamically track programming effectiveness, staff member performance expectations, and effective communication.

We understand that budgets can be tight. More importantly, we have seen the value created for colleges and universities from using ResLife Portal. We wanted to make the capabilities of our system available to any college or university. The advertisements within the ResLife Portal Free Edition exist since we still have bills to pay.

Let's Get Started

Join risk-free for as long as you want to use ResLife Portal - Free Edition.
No agreements/contracts to sign, cancel at any time. Start tracking the positive impact of your team.

How can we contact you?

You'll be able to communicate with an actual person, not a robot. Also, we value your privacy and will never disclose your contact information.

3 Simple Steps
  1. Complete the Getting Started form
  2. Complete the Initial Configuration Questionnaire form
  3. Our team will set-up a Free Edition subscription for your team and notify you when it's ready.

In the Free Edition you'll see advertisements within the app, such as this one

Looking for a version without advertisements?
Paid Subscription Plans

Because we believe in transparency:

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