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Why ResLife Portal

Put people first.

Prioritize your students and your staff
with easy-to-use solutions, focused on engagement
with support from ResLife Portal

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Enhance Engagement

Increase Efficiency

No Code

No Contracts

What are the benefits of using
ResLife Portal for student & resident engagement?

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ResLife Portal provides a modern, user-friendly solution of everyday management tools, freeing up more time for student life staff and residence life staff to do what they do best — student & resident engagement.
  • People are the focus
  • Central hub for streamlined processes
  • Organized, compiled insights

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The team at ResLife Portal has provided the most amazing customer service. They are always willing to help us better understand how to work the site and even have adapted the interface to fit our needs.
Switching to ResLife Portal was our best decision of 2020!

Letha L Parrott
Area Coordinator, Residence Life & Student Housing
The University of New Mexico

Why ResLife Portal

ResLife Portal has proven to be a vital component to our residence life team. ResLife Portal helps track all of our student's engagement and interactions to cohesively understand our resident's personal development.

ResLife Portal streamlines communication between central housing and student staff. Not only is this a cost friendly software it is extremely robust service that continually advances meeting and surpassing our needs.

Melissa France, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services
The University of Tulsa

More time to focus on student & resident engagement

We're on a mission to help student life staff and residence life staff be more productive and efficient, with a focus on student engagement and resident engagement. We believe resident engagement is at the core of student housing, so we offer this integrated suite of modern residence life modules focused on resident engagement.



Our tools simplify tasks and save you time. Track all of your student & resident engagement and interactions.



Make informed decisions based on data. Gain insights, both quantitative and qualitative.

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Cohesively understand your student's & resident's personal development and their interests.

You make a difference,
we help you track it.

No Contracts Required

Doing what's best for our members is what's best for us. That's why ResLife Portal does not have contracts. We work to keep members happy, but they're free to leave whenever they want.

Easy Setup

No code. Simplified implementation timelines. Your team could be using our system in less than 24 hours with an implementation tailored to your organization.

Innovative results, not bound by convention

Our success — and much of the fun — lies in developing new ways to do things. Forward-thinking problem-solving with an emphasis on longevity and sustainability.

Family-owned and operated small business

We focus on the needs of our members, rather than the demands of outside investors, stockholders, or venture capitalists. In other words, we like to think of our members as our investors. We carry zero debt, and are committed to sustainable growth.

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