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Checklist of items to consider and review

Information provided on this webpage is for your convenience, though may not be all-inclusive for all countries.

  1. Taxes: Each country will tax services provided to citizens of that country differently. Does your organization have a tax-exempt status within your country? If not, what local sales taxes, value-added taxes, and/or international taxes may be applicable for the purchase of a web-based subscription service?
  2. Data Privacy: Are your familiar with the data privacy regulations, restrictions, and laws of your country? ResLife Portal controls and operates the Services from within the United States of America and the entirety of the Services may not be appropriate or available for use in other locations.ResLife Portal: Privacy & Cookies Policy
  3. Data Storage: Are your familiar with the data storage regulations, restrictions, and laws of your country? Customer shall acknowledge and agree that ResLife Portal, acting as a Data Processor, is located in the United States and that Customer's provision of Personal Data to Data Processor for processing is a transfer of Personal Data to the United States. Please read more details in the Export section of our Terms of Service.
  4. Please read the ResLife Portal Terms of Service.
  5. Memorandum of Understanding: Data Storage for Services related to ResLife Portal (PDF):
    Please download, sign, retain a copy for your records, and return a signed copy to ResLife Portal. Download PDF.

The ResLife Portal system and services are only available in English, at this time.

NOTE: These are general recommendations. ResLife Portal cannot give tax or financial advice and is not liable for any losses or tax liabilities due to actions taken (or not taken) based on these recommendations. Always consult a local tax professional regarding your organization's taxes.

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