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Inclusive Membership Subscription Plan

Focus on what you do best. Stay ahead without working harder.

...while receiving the latest digital tools to empower your team.

Screen captures and illustrations of ResLife Portal

Why go Inclusive Membership?

Unlimited residents

Unlimited staff user accounts

Receive all 35+ of our integrated suite of modern residence life modules.

All Core Capabilities
and All Add-On Modules.

Automatically receive all new residence life modules as they are released.

Includes Extended Support, Weekly Backups, and Custom Visual Theme

Includes 100 GB data & file storage.

Includes 50,000 text messages

Smarter residence life, made easy.

Inclusive Membership Subscription Plan

Special, limited-time rate.
Over a $54,400 yearly value.

$1,933 / month


$23,196 / year

Ready to get started?