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ResLife Portal has helped our department go fully digital for Programming reports, floor budgets and calendars, Staff duty calendar, Student interactions, Daily duty logs and Staff weekly reports. The staff can submit and view their programming plans and reports in real time. This program has not only helped up "go green in these areas" but also save time and be better organized.

~Scott Forthofer, Director of Residence Life, MontanaTech

Contact Tracing New

The ResLife Portal Contact Tracing module is new functionality specific to Contact Tracing using CDC template forms (not just repurposing of existing survey capabilities).

Digital resources and program ideas for "Remote RAs":

Activities for students and residence life staff, while maintaining "social distancing" to sustain a community

Launched on March 16 2020. Last updated: May 23 2020 04:51 pm CDT

  1. Host a program over a video conference call, just like a webinar (they happen every day in the corporate world).
  2. Host a digital program over a video livestream, call it a "Coffee Talk about ________" - fill in the blank, such as
    • mental health,
    • how to interview using a video call,
    • pet meet & greet,
    • "what are you grateful for...",
    • etc.
  3. Digital hall council, such as RHA, elections through online voting (aka a survey)
  4. Video / live-stream study groups
  5. Host a video game tournament
  6. Record and/or stream health and fitness (such as workout classes and/or yoga)
  7. Online trivia competition, similar to the triva tournaments at a restaurant
  8. Video lip-singing competition, record the video and post online
  9. Video stream "room-cribs," have students take turns showing of their room!
  10. Record and/or stream Poetry Reading
  11. Webinar about Stress Management
  12. Webinar about Mediation
  13. Webinar about Emotional Intelligence
  14. Webinar about study tips while taking online classes
  15. Webinar about being cautious of online and telephone scams
  16. Webinar about empathy in a global society
  17. Webinar about Maslow's hierarchy of needs
  18. Webinar about Women's History Month (March 2020)
  19. Webinar about Adult / Life skills
  20. Webinar about "Social distancing doesn't mean emotional distancing"
  21. Webinar about Hygiene and / or High-Touch Surfaces to disinfect daily (such as: doorknobs, table surfaces, dining chairs, kitchen counters, bathroom counters, faucets / faucet knobs, toilet seats/handles, light switches, tv remote control, game controlers, etc.)
  22. Door decorating contest
  23. Photo Challenge / Instagram challenge, (also take a look at our ResLife Engage Instagram photo challenge)
  24. Instagram Talent Show
  25. Crafting tutorials live stream / video recording
  26. Digital treasure hunt (similar to Let's Make a Deal "quickie deal" style)
  27. Meme (image) scavenger hunt
  28. Digital "meet-ups" for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner (just like a floor dinner)
  29. Digital scrabble competition
  30. "Favorite campus traditions" March-Madness bracket style, have students vote on each pairing to advance in the bracket
  31. Book club, and discuss the book over a conference phone call (if you don't have access to a tangible book, try using eBooks)
  32. Digital Pen-Pals
  33. Online journaling session, have RAs send out a prompt/topic (perhaps a "happiness" or "gratitude" journal)
  34. "Quarantine Little Theater" - either record or livestream, each person acts out a different character of a script
  35. Digital museum tours
    1. Travel and Leisure - Virutal Tour of Ireland
    2. Travel and Leisure - Virtual Museums
    3. Google Arts and Culture:
    4. Louvre
    5. National Gallery of Art:
    6. Ellis Island:
    7. Condé Nast - Museum Exhibits, Symphonies, and Operas:
  36. Digital tour of:
    1. San Diego Zoo:
    2. National Mall Cherry Trees blooming:
    3. Smithsonian's National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute:
    4. Yellowstone National Park
    5. Mammoth Hot Springs
    6. Monterey Bay Aquarium
    7. Mars:
  37. Digital streams of performances:
    1. The Metropolitan Opera:
    2. Broadway plays:
  38. Cirque du Soleil:
  39. Ride a roller coaster from the point of view of the front seat:
  40. Share your hand washing song video competition
  41. Music dance party through video live stream
  42. "Masked Singer" competition through video live stream
  43. Crossword puzzles competition video live stream
  44. Sudoku challenge video live stream (or even try sudoku tetris)
  45. Charades game video live stream
  46. Pictionary game video live stream
  47. Speed draw competitions video live stream
  48. 21 questions game video live stream
  49. Bingo video live stream
  50. Puppet show video live stream (use socks for the puppets, the crazier the sock the better!)
  51. Song-in-the-round (aka "Zoom-Looping"), one person makes a noise and each person builds upon the song
  52. Rube Goldberg Challenge
  53. Online Playing Cards games:
  54. Social Distancing & Isolation advice from Astronauts
    1. Forbes: Former Astronauts Share Ways To Cope With Social Distancing & Isolation
    2. New York Times: I Spent a Year in Space, and I Have Tips on Isolation to Share
  55. Learn how to draw:
    1. Disney Parks - Mickey Mouse 1920s style
    2. Disney Parks - Mickey Mouse Contemporary style
    3. Walt Disney Animation - Olaf (Frozen)
  56. Verizon's weekly series 'Pay It Forward Live' kicks off to support small businesses affected by COVID-19:
  57. HD Webcams of Animals, Beaches, Resorts, Scenic, and more:
  58. The Old Globe (San Diego) - Online Theatre Programs
  59. Citizen science projects connect you to people studying our world in the hopes of making it better:
    1. Tracking giraffes and other wildlife to help conservationists in northern Kenya
    2. Finding kelp forests from space
    3. Editing and verifying built structures for the USGS' National Map
  60. Volunteer:
    1. American Red Cross: Be A Digital Advocate
    2. United Nations (UN) Online Volunteering
  61. "NASA At Home" educational content:
  62. Social distancing doesn't mean we can't get to know about each other... 36 odd things about me (example list):
    1. Do you put ketchup on hot dogs?
    2. Choice of soda (or "pop")?
    3. Chocolate or vanilla?
    4. Can you swim?
    5. Hot dogs or cheeseburgers?
    6. Favorite type of food?
    7. Do you believe in ghosts?
    8. What do you drink in the morning?
    9. Can you do 100 push ups?
    10. Favorite time of year?
    11. Your favorite hobby?
    12. Tattoos?
    13. Do you wear glasses?
    14. Do you have a phobia?
    15. Do you have a nick name?
    16. What do you do when stressed?
    17. Rain or snow?
    18. Can you change a tire?
    19. Favorite flower?
    20. Can you drive a stick-shift vehicle?
    21. Ever gone skydiving?
    22. How many Siblings do you have?
    23. Favorite color?
    24. Dream career?
    25. Can you whistle?
    26. Favorite vacation?
    27. Best friends?
    28. Favorite ice cream?
    29. Shower or bath?
    30. Broken bones?
    31. How many TVs are in your house?
    32. Worst pain?
    33. Do you like to sing?
    34. Favorite way to exercise?
    35. What do you enjoy binge watching?
    36. Favorite dessert?
  63. Turn the above list into a digital "talk show" between the residence life staff and their residents
  64. Making cloth face coverings from old t-shirts
  65. Encourage students to start a quarantine journal
  66. Coping with Quarantine Fatigue: CDC recommendations on Stress and Coping:
    • "How are you really?" challenge to destigmatize mental health and coping with the stress of the pandemic
  67. - additional resources to take care of yourself and others, while doing our part by keeping our distance and staying home. Powered by ViacomCBS & Ad Council.
  68. What 3 Words - 1 word to describe your past, 1 word to describe your present, 1 word to describe your future
  69. 10 day Favorite Campus Memory photo challenge
  70. Levar Burton (from PBS Reading Rainbow):
  71. Watch the CBS Sunday Night Movie as a group from each of your locations:
  72. St. Patrick's Day:
    1. Who wears the most green photo competition
    2. Travel and Leisure - Virutal Tour of Ireland
  73. Easter Sunday - Andrea Bocelli, the superstar tenor, will live stream a concert from Milan's famed Duomo cathedral on YouTube channel Sunday at 1 p.m. Eastern:
  74. Host a digital watch-party for the "One World: Together At Home - Global Citizen" on Saturday, April 18, 2020
  75. Earth Day 2020 is Wednesday, April 22. use some of the suggestions above to help with climate & wildlife

Have another idea? Send it to us to add to the list

We'll keep updating this list as ideas come in, so check back.

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Other resources to stay informed

While ResLife Portal does not have any form of medical expertise, we are trying to be proactive to provide resources and help for residence life professionals. For the latest information from the CDC, please refer to

Spread humanity, empathy, and compassion.
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